Calvin is a gorgeous 15.2hh standardbred Gelding who was born in New Zealand on 1st September 1998. He raced under the name of Billy Boy and had a very successful career. His sire is Britewell, and dam is Overwrite.

After his racing career he went to Aylesbury Lodge where he was purchased by a friend of ours. Due to unforseen circumstances they were unable to keep him, so we took him on, intending to use him as a trail riding horse. When the trail riding plans didn't eventuate, we purchased a harness and jinker. From there we realised what a super honest and reliable horse Calvin was and well the rest is where we are now!! Calvin is also broken to saddle and due to his fantastic temperament has also been used as a SES mounted land search horse, trail riding, and delivering a bride to the aisle whilst being ridden. He is quite a character, and was actually named after the 'Calvin and Hobbs' comics. He LOVES bananas and blueberries, and his favourite activity is swimming in the lake.


Our carriage is a 1920 Victoria Carriage, that was build in the early 90’s. It has all the comforts of a modern carriage, combined with the historical look. It is built to be drawn by one horse and is of lightweight construction. The passenger compartment comfortably seats 4 people, with storage available under both seats.It is fitted with LED lighting, and disc breaks. The carriage has been approved by the Transport of SA & meets their strict requirements.




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